Month: September 2017

Liradu tattoo and the warrior jersey crashed he was known as the number one Yong black

According to ESPN reported that although Lillard is the famous “brave black”, but his chest tattoo, actually with the Warriors a jersey in the middle of the pattern of amazing, have to say, this is a wonderful coincidence.

In his own chest, Lillard gave himself a pattern of Auckland’s iconic oak. This oak is on the streets of Jack London near the Auckland City Hall and is visible everywhere along the streets of Frank Ogawa Square and becomes a unique view of the city of Auckland. As to why Lillard in his chest on the pattern of this oak, because he is the Auckland locals.

The Warriors of the new jersey, is the team’s classic jersey “TheCity” based on improved, the team will be “TheCity” into “TheTown”, the middle of the bridge Logo is changed to Auckland iconic oak. In this way, it crashed.

Through Lillard’s social account you can see that as early as June 2013, he put the oak in his chest. This shows that his deep feelings for his hometown.

But it is interesting that, although Lalard is Auckland locals, but it is the standard “brave black”, when Durant chose to join the warriors after the Thunder, fans asked Lillard, the future will choose for their own home team In addition, Lillard has repeatedly said that the most happy thing, than to defeat those giants get together the team.

Last season before the playoffs before the war, Lillard has released six out of the Warriors, but the end result is that the Blazers to 0-4 swept by the Warriors.